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    Canalers is a multi-media project documenting the growing commercial freight business on New York State’s canals and inland waterways. At the heart of this story is the crew of the Tugboat Margot, a “Super Canaler” based in Troy, NY. The Margot is one of three boats in the New York State Marine Highway Transportation Company fleet. Founded by RPI graduates Rob Goldman and Tim Dufel, the NYSMHT offers general towing, project cargo, ship assist, contractor support and salvage operation services between East Coast ocean ports, the Hudson and Mohawk rivers, the NYS Canal System and the Great Lakes. But now with rising diesel prices, the company can finally compete with tractor trailers and trains to offer economically viable prices for canal shipping bulk goods like wheat, grain, stones, etc.


    During the 2012 canal season, Podcaster/Author/Journalist Duncan Crary will be accompanying the crew of the Margot to report on their activities as they navigate between Troy, N.Y. and Oswego, N.Y. on the Erie and Oswego canals. He will also be interviewing scores of inland water transit officials, historians and other figures to tell the story of New York’s working canals. Check back soon for more information about the shape, scope and schedule for this project.

    Duncan Crary

    Duncan Crary is an author and journalist best known for his work as a popular podcast personality. For more than four years, Crary spoke with noted Author/Social Commentator James Howard Kunstler as Host/Producer of The KunstlerCast podcast. In Nov. 2011, New Society Publishers released Crary’s book The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler…the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl, based on their years of dialog. Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics and Superfreakomics, described The KunstlerCast as “A bracing dose of reality for an unreal world,” and said “Crary wrangles these free-wheeling conversations masterfully.” Crary has also conducted face-to-face podcast interviews with Sir Salman Rushdie, Richard Dawkins, E.O.Wilson, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Andy Rooney and many other noted thinkers and commentators. He has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and journal publisher. He lives in Troy, NY, a small American city on the east bank of the Hudson River.

    Neil Grabowsky

    Neil Grabowsky is a commercial photographer and photojournalist currently based in Montclair, NJ. He first paired up with Crary while living in Troy, NY. His photographs have appeared in newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S.